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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is McGill University working in collaboration with RBC Future Launch and The Globe and Mail to offer a financial literacy course?
Who is the course for?
How will completing this course help me in my daily life?
Is there any fee to take this course?
How do I complete the course and how long will it take?
Do I have to complete the modules in sequential order?
Can I email or speak with the McGill professors?
Can I speak with someone about the course by phone?
When can I register for the course?


I am not a McGill student. Can I still register for the course?
Are there any pre-requisites to the McGill Personal Finance Essentials course?


Do I earn any credits toward a degree with this course?
Do I get a certificate at the end of this course?


What are the module tests?
What is the passing grade for the module tests?
How do I get an explanation for a wrong answer on the test?
How do you know it is me who will take the tests?


My username and/or password won’t work. Who can I contact?
Do I need a broadband or other high-speed connection to follow the McGill Personal Finance Essentials course?
What Internet browsers support the McGill Personal Finance Essentials course?
Can this course be accessed from anywhere?
Can I use a mobile device to access the course content?
Can I re-use the material on the course?
I’m having trouble watching the videos. Who can I contact?


How will my personal data be used?
Is your course content accessible for people with low vision?
What is RBC Future Launch?